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At Tucson Masonry Pros, we recognize the significance of having a strong visual impact on the exterior of your home or property. That’s why we only use top-quality materials and hire experienced brick masonry specialists to create unique structures such as retaining walls, interlocking walls, planter boxes, cement walls, and color block walls that are both attractive and durable. Our approach is straightforward and professional, with no hidden costs or surprises. We’re dedicated to delivering reliable, high-quality masonry services to both residential and commercial clients, and we’re always available to answer any questions you may have about our services or pricing. Our goal is to be the go-to masonry company in the area, and we’re confident that our stunning, long-lasting masonry work will speak for itself. Whether you’re adding a new structure to an existing property, building a new home, or making repairs, we have the expertise to meet all of your block wall and masonry needs. To ensure transparency and peace of mind, we offer a free quote and bonus coupon for all of our services, and we’re committed to helping our customers achieve their desired outcomes.

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At Tucson Masonry Pros, our expert block wall contractors utilize a range of materials like concrete, cement, and stone to construct retaining walls, brick masonry, and other functional and decorative elements that add value and beauty to properties. Retaining block walls, in particular, are an ideal solution for adding height to gardens, displaying exterior staircases, and incorporating natural elements into the design of a property. As masonry specialists, we have the skills and experience necessary to undertake a wide range of concrete block projects, including:

  • Brick masonry
  • Cinder block walls
  • Planter block walls
  • Garden walls
  • Landscape walls
  • Cement block walls We aim to provide high-quality masonry services that enhance the aesthetic appeal of living spaces and improve the overall look and value of a property.

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Retaining Block Wall

A retaining block wall is a structure built to add beauty to a property while also providing stability to the landscape. It’s a challenging task that requires skilled professionals to construct a retaining wall that can handle the forces of nature and stand the test of time. Our contractors are experienced in creating personalized designs that meet the unique needs of each customer. We offer a consultation to discuss the specifics of your property before beginning the installation process. Our retaining block walls will bring a sturdy and attractive elevation change to your property, preventing erosion and safeguarding against any future slope movement. It’s crucial to have experts handle this job, as an unsuccessful DIY attempt could lead to harm to both you and your property. Let our knowledgeable masonry contractors take care of it for you.

Cinder Block Wall

Concrete cinder blocks are the toughest and most durable material that property owners can use to create strong boundaries on their property. Tucson Masonry Pros offers a wide range of wall solutions, including cement block walls, landscape walls, garden walls, colored walls, interlocking retaining walls, and planter walls. All of your wall needs will be expertly handled by our professional team.

At Tucson Masonry Pros, we use high-quality materials to create a range of beautiful and sturdy blocks for walls and barriers. Our team of expert masons has the skills to construct any type of block wall, from residential to commercial, including cement, garden, colored, and traditional walls. We can handle projects of any size, from large-scale block walls to small, intricate landscape arrangements. We believe in open communication with our customers and offer a free quote and coupon to provide a clear estimate for our block wall services. If you have any questions about our services, pricing, equipment, or staff, please feel free to call us at 520-523-8599. We serve the Tucson area and are your trusted local masonry contractors.

Block Wall Installation

Modular retaining walls use a method known as dry stacking to retain soil without the use of mortar or cement. Similar to how legos fit together, these walls leverage a strong relationship between the stones to build a solid framework. Due to the fact that it reduces the need for grass lawns and diversifies the landscape surrounding a residence, this sort of wall is popular among landscapers in desert regions. Less grass also means less money will be spent on watering it during the summer.